Creating Abundance and Positive Mindset is a powerful Pack to help you on your way to financial freedom and also provide a positive mindset for life in general.  

There are 3 powerful techniques included in this Pack – an NLP Technique for Goal Setting, a Hypnotherapy Session and an EFT Technique also for dispelling negative thoughts and promoting positive thinking.  This pack will help you to think about money, career or your goals in life in a very positive way.

It is best to use headphones with the tracks to benefit from the binaural (extreme relaxation) background music and for your subconscious mind to tune into the words.

Tracks are available for immediate download to Android Tablets, phones and PCs.  For ipads/iphones, a computer/laptop is needed to merge into your itunes account before syncing to devices.


1 x NLP Technique Goal Setting

1 x Hypnotherapy Session + 1 Sleep Version

1 x EFT Technique

1 x EFT Tapping Diagram