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Stop Panic Attacks and Anxiety –  The ‘Panic Attacks/Anxiety Pack’ includes a Hypnotherapy Session, an NLP Technique for Past Emotions Release and an EFT Technique for Panic Attacks/Stress/Anxiety.  This pack offers you 3 Techniques to tackle and stop panic attacks and anxiety for good.  If you are really committed to stopping your Panic Attacks and Anxiety, then this pack will help you to understand why you have these attacks and help you stop them happening ever again.

These 3 techniques combined will give you everything you need to stop panic attacks and anxiety.  However, Yvonne  had 29 years of panic attacks from the age of 11 until she was 40, and so has a complete understanding of what you are going through so she can help you further once you have started the Pack.  She is only an e-mail away from the support you may need in the future.

Only Positive Tracks offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all their products, so what are you waiting for…….!

The Tracks are all recorded at a level to be listened to with headphones on.

Pack Includes:-

1 x Stress Questionnaire

1 x NLP Technique – Past Emotion Release – MP3

1 x Hypnotherapy Session – Panic Attacks/Anxiety – MP3

1 x Hypnotherapy Session – Panic Attacks/Anxiety – Sleep Version -MP3

1 x EFT Tapping Session – Panic Attacks/Anxiety/Stress MP3

1 x EFT – Energy Tapping Points Sheet