Just to help with downloading the files:-

For Ipad Users or for any device really – it is better to download the MP3s onto a computer first and then transfer them to a device.  If you don’t have a computer see below.

For Ipad – you can drag and drop the downloaded MP3 files into a new playlist in itunes on your computer and then sync them over OR

If you don’t have a computer get a Free Dropbox Account on your Ipad before you download the links and then press and hold on the download links from the e-mail confirmation to save to Dropbox.  This seems to work for some ipads and not all.  It apparently depends on your ios software on the ipad.  Apple make things difficult but the solution is to download to a computer first and then sync over as explained above.  

For other android devices you can just right click the file once it is downloaded and then copy over to your device through your connecting charger cord.  For most Mobile Android phones – the download links will download the links straight from your e-mail confirmation onto the phone although you may need to watch for memory use on a mobile.  

Making CDs – You can also download the files to a computer and then use Windows Media Player to burn the MP3s onto CDs.  Just drag and drop the downloaded files from your desktop or wherever they are saved into the Library of your Windows Media Player and then drag to burn list and press burn!  Ok – hopefully that’s everything here!

Please Note that the MP3s have all been recorded at a level for headphone use only for Two reasons. One – to focus your mind on what you are doing with the practical sessions without interruption and Two – the Hypnotherapy Sessions use Binaural background music which is in itself hypnotic music and both ears are needed at the same time.  Therefore, all the MP3s should be listened to with headphones for best success.

Thank you everyone and I wish you all the success in your goals!