Train your Brain!

Conscious Mind Positive + Unconscious Mind Positive = Success!

Your mind is in two parts – the Conscious Mind 5% (your will-power and decision maker) and the Unconscious Mind 95% (everything your life has experienced from the past).

Your Conscious Mind is a receiver of information from the world around you and a decision maker and it operates functionally in your daily life around 5%.  Your Unconscious Mind holds every thought, belief, your opinions, others’ opinions and all your life’s experiences, autonomic functions (automatic behaviours and functions) and generates  your actions, which affect your Conscious Mind decisions by 95% every day!

When you make a life decision and you feel things are great for a few weeks and then the problems start.  You start procrastinating, cheating on food, smoking in secret and everything and everyone is working against you or you find things hard – this is your Unconscious Mind throwing everything at you.  Your will-power (Conscious Mind) constitutes around 3 weeks duration when you have decided to make a change to your lifestyle, while your Unconscious Mind works away in the background forever, constantly re-generating (whatever age you are) years of life experiences, thoughts, doubts, opinions and beliefs right at you.

The main access to success in life is Persistence (no matter how long it takes you to achieve your goals), habit, routine and you need the two parts of your mind – the Conscious Mind decisions or goals and the Unconscious Mind processes to be positive, to achieve this.  We love the freedom we have to do what we want, however, the unconscious mind likes routine and habits and provides you with whatever negative or positive habits you have had in the past.   Hence my equation at the start – ‘Conscious Mind Positive + Unconscious Mind Positive = Success’.

These techniques work for anything you want to achieve or relieve in life.

The techniques that you are about to use to back up your  Conscious Mind decisions, your will-power – what you want to happen consciously, are:-

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Different techniques open your mind up to reveal to you how your mind works like a map,  how to clear the past and how to focus your mind in the present and in the future.  NLP techniques are extremely powerful.

Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis)

This provides constant positive suggestion and focused thought processes to your Unconscious Mind to change you now and forever, as long as your will-power or decisions to change are prominent and clear (Conscious Mind).

The more you listen to positive suggestion, the more you overpower your Unconscious Mind’s negative thinking processes from the past and change.  So, listening to Hypnotherapy MP3s is a great way to do this.  Every day, you make the time if you consciously want to change, of course, to furnish your mind with positive suggestion, pushing your unconscious mind to change years and years of negative habits, routine, thoughts, beliefs, actions and experiences to back up your Conscious Mind’s decisions.

In other words – your habits or daily routine, thought processes, beliefs from others or what you believe, your life’s experiences  (which are your Unconscious Mind) take time to change as your Unconscious Mind is so powerful (95%) it takes over your Conscious Mind’s decisions.

Persistence (Conscious Mind) is key in all success of whatever you desire and hypnotherapy changes the Unconscious Mind to more positive thought processes to back up your desires and goals (Conscious Mind decisions).

So if you say to yourself (Your Goal – Your Conscious Mind decision) – ‘I’m going to lose weight for my holiday so I look good when I get there’ or ‘Oh no, I’m going on holiday in 8 weeks and I need to lose weight for it’ – that is what your Unconscious Mind will give you and you will possibly gain all the weight once you get there and definitely when you get back because that’s what you asked your Unconscious Mind for and what it knows to do!  Do you see why you have to be specific with your goal in the first place and change your Unconscious Mind to back it up?

In other words your decision or goal must be ‘I am losing weight so I look good every day’.  However, if you just want to use these techniques for losing weight for a holiday or special occasion, then that’s fine, if that is what you want to use them for.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

These techniques date way back in time and it is a form of Accupressure along the meridian lines that run around your body.  These are like electrical circuits which go to your mind processes.

We can use EFT for changing habits, relieving or letting go of pain, achieving goals, changing emotions.

It is a technique which is coming into its own now and getting more popular as the results are very powerful.  The only thing that holds it back is the beliefs (unconscious mind), that you might look stupid while doing it, as you tap the points with your hand around the top of your body.  However, you can actually slightly rub the points instead which is not as noticeable to others so no excuses (beliefs – unconscious mind) not to be doing this technique!

Good luck with all the goals that you set in your Conscious Mind and remember Persistence is key to success + constant positive suggestion to change the habits of your Unconscious Mind!